life without tiffany 

Logo Creation

Basically I took the scan into Photoshop,
applied Filter | Noise | Dust and Scratches, then Filter | Noise | Median.
Once the image was smoothed out I selected her by hand, feathered the selection by 20
pixels, inverted it and applied Filter | Blur | Gaussian to create the blur/glow/halo effect all around her.
The imperfections in the film emulsion came from the old polaroid and I think they add to the moodiness
of the pic (which is perfect for the planned theme of the music).

Raw scanProcessed scan


The original logo concept used "LIFE" as a clipping path, but it was decided this
did not reveal enough of the underlying image.

LIFE without tiffany


 Playing with the theme


Playing with the theme a little more


Bacl to life without tiffany


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