life without tiffany


Question #1 is always "Who is Tiffany?"
Doesn't matter.

"Did she die or something?"
Nope. Alive and well... and beautiful.

"Come on, what's the story?"
Grab your Webster's and look up "Muse".

"Did she break your heart or something?"
Nope. She never took the opportunity...
...and thus this is life without Tiffany.

"Never tell anyone what you want, for they will take great pleasure in depriving you of it."


Music Creation

Sound is created and music is composed  

Roland MC-505

Yamaha DX7IIFD 





Tracks are sequenced into the PC 

Cakewalk Pro Audio 9

Sequences are recorded digitally 

Roland VS-880EX

Digital recordings are encoded to MP3 and CDA 



Bacl to life without tiffany


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